Ten Vegan Products all under $25!

What has your mother always told you? 

Your skincare routine is important!!! 

Well that is what my mother has always said to me. Now granted that when she was in her 40's and I was in grade school, kids did not believe she was my mom. Even the other mom's thought she was too young! Truth be told she was older than they were because she did not bring this bundle of redheaded awesomeness into the world until she was 33! Most of the other kids I was in school with, their moms were in their 20's when they were born.  So what is it that made her the envy of the other moms? Did she have loads of money to spend on plastic surgery (I Wish), or did she just sell her soul to the devil! As many times as I thought it was the second option when I was a teen, it was actually neither. 


Cleanse, Tone, Moisture, repeat!

She had a really great skincare routine!

Every morning and night she cleansed her skin with a cold-creme, then used a toner, eye-creme, some version of an anti-aging serum (she went through many different brands, you know the latest, greatest, blah blah.) and finally a moisturizer. Now if it was in the morning, after all of that, she would then apply her makeup. Now makeup is not on the docket for today. Just the skin care.

Photo by Ridofranz/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Ridofranz/iStock / Getty Images

Then vs. Now

So back then everything she used was some sort of product that had a list of things that I could never pronounce. Things that were made in a laboratory, and some (like the cold creme) made from petroleum!!! Nothing that was anywhere near the idea of environmentally friendly! It was the 80's! The beauty market was not concerned about environment or how these chemicals would over time affect our bodies. NOOOOOOOO, it was all about the money!

Now I am not saying that all of that stuff caused major harm to her. She is fine, just more educated now.

You can click my links and let the natural vegan goodness come to you!

Lets Start Cleansing

BFF face cleanser.jpg

Its all so Posh!

So the first product from this company I started to use was this one! It is called the BFF cleanser! Best Face Forever!


Best Face Forever cleanser was the first thing I used from this line of products. It is a cleanser that has little exfoliating beads in it but they are gentle and small enough that you can use it daily. Now I know what you are going to say didn't they just have a whole big thing about the beads they put in products to exfoliate. Well this company was ahead of the game even before that was thought of! Yep! These are made from sugar! Aromatic peppermint and cleansing grapefruit oils remove excess oil and dirt, sugar beads gently exfoliate dull spots, and aloe vera soothes, softens, and restores moisture for a brighter, glowing complexion. Loved this stuff! 


birght young thang face cleanser.jpg

Bright young Thang!

No really that is the name!!! Totally my everyday favorite!!!

This non-exfoliating cleanser supports a radiant, youthful looking complexion thanks to rich macadamia oil, firming caffeine, and brightening ginseng root. Wait wait wait!!! I know what you are thinking why go from an exfoliating product to one that is not!  Well I tried it thinking "Oh it will never get my face as clean!" but It effectively removes dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping skin and is perfect for all skin types, scented with bright and refreshing citrus. Gentle enough for daily use. My skin has changed since I first started using this line of products (AKA I was going from my 30's to my 40's).  It was saying, "Hey! I am not producing as much natural oil as I used to!!!! Can I get a more gentle, moisturizing cleanser!!!!"


Now for the extras!

So we know that we do not have to use a mask every day or have to do a deep exfoliating cleanse everyday either. Once a week or two weeks is more ideal for that! So here are two of my faves for those such things!

A Fresh Deep Clean

whole lava love deep face cleanser.jpg

Volcanic Ash!

Oh yes I have a Whole Lava Love for this!!! Leaves my face so fresh and clean! Gets all that built up mess out of every little tiny pore!

So everyone should be doing a deep clean on their face, body, hair....everything really! However in this case we are talking about your face and at least once a week you need to get this on your face and just let it get all of that environmental crud that we end up having build up on us, off of your face!!! I mean yes we clean daily but every now and then we just need to really deep clean!!! 

Post Deep Clean


Gold Restoration

Once you deep clean you need to sooth replenish and restore!

So once you have done a nice deep clean your skin can feel a little stripped so you want to make sure you do a great restorative mask. This one has become my fave! It is perfect for anyone no matter age! Firm and restore skin with colloidal gold, peridot, and caffeine while glycerin and panthenol—a form of vitamin B5—lock in hydration for a radiant complexion, scented with luxe florals, oud, and velvety moss. Apply to clean face, avoiding eye area. Let sit for 15–20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Time For Moisture

Now we all know Moisturizing is important for anybody! So there is a lot of different moisturizers out there but I am talking about one that I love for everyday! I love that when I put it on it feels great and does not leave my skin with that greasy feeling until it fully absorbs into the skin. Trust me i have had some like that! This absorbs quickly and feels sooooooo good!

moisturize 911.jpg

Moisture to the Rescue

Great for any skin type and super moisturizing! It really is life saving for your skin!

Refresh your face, no matter your skin type, with tightening and firming caffeine and skin-brightening orange essential oil in this heavy-duty, yet lightweight moisturizer featuring a skin-quenching dose of glycerin to lock in hydration, plus sodium hyaluronate and soothing aloe vera to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply day and night, as needed, to clean face and neck. 

So Lets Talk Hair!

Yes there are VEGAN products for your hair!!!! 

And they work so good!

So Hair Care is super Important too!!! People go straight from the face to the hair and lets face it, when your hair looks yuck you feel yuck too! It is so hard to find VEGAN Shampoo, conditioner and styling products. So first up is the Shampoo, Olive and coconut extracts moisturize dry hair and scalp in this citrus, pomegranate, and mango scented shampoo, formulated for all hair types. As if I Hair features quinoa to help fortify as you cleanse, plus soothing calendula and fruit extracts to pamper your scalp. 

Next Condition, condition, condition! That is my mantra when it comes to growing out long, healthy, and beautiful hair! Abyssinian oil and coconut extract moisturize and condition hair in this citrus, pomegranate, and mango scented conditioner, formulated for all hair types. Tressed to Impress features quinoa to help smooth, detangle, and add shine, plus vitamin B5 for healthy looking locks. Work through clean, wet hair, concentrating on ends. Leave for 1–2 minutes and rinse. I tell everyone shampoo first when you get into a shower, then condition and while it stays in for a few minutes do everything else!

Lastly is my fave thing to use just before I blow dry my hair! This blend of fortifying oils tames frizz and restores shine, allowing you to style without frying your hair and smooth away dry, split ends. Enchant Tress Hair Serum features kukui, jojoba, and argan oils to naturally polish and tame your tresses with a tropical fruit and floral scent. Apply one pump to clean, damp hair and comb through from the roots down. Style as usual. On dry hair, use a small amount to tame flyaways and hydrate dry ends.

Now For Neck Down!!!!

Now we have talked about what to do for your face and your hair but what about your body? Oh I have you covered!!! Bath Chunks and the best hand creme I have ever used!!! 


Lets Chunky Dunk!

Because it is Spawesome!

Seriously huge bath bars!!! They do not lie when they call their bath bars bath CHUNKS! They have so many different kinds but my personal fave to use is the Spawesome Bath Chunk! For a relaxing, spa-like shower or soak, lather up with this soothing eucalyptus and mint Chunk Bath Bar, featuring luxuriously moisturizing baobab and argan oils in a palm and coconut-derived base, for all-over hydration that will have you saying, "Namaste" (in the bath) all day. 

Then when you are done in the shower you always want to moisturize you body! But sometimes we forget about our hands, and I don't know if you are like me but I hate a moisturizer that leaves my hands so slick I can not even turn a door knob! However when I started using these Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes I was in love! Again so many different scents but I am going to show you my fave and also VEGAN!


Sassy like Me!

Fresh and quick to absorb! Leaves my hands so moisturized without that slick greasy feeling!

Dry feeling hands deserve a dose of delicious, decadent moisture. With its blend of naturally based and quick-absorbing ingredients, like apricot kernel and coconut oils, plus vitamin E, and aloe vera, Sassyooma Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème leaves hands feeling soft and smooth without feeling gross and greasy with a sweet orchard citrus scent. Apply generously as needed.

So now that you know what I have used, you are free to check it all out and decide what is the best for you! Make sure you think about how your skin feels to decide what is best for you! This company has a great catalog that is more like a beauty magazine (I like that). In the very beginning it gives you tips on how to assess what type of skin you have and what is best for it!

Now Go Forth and Get Thee To Perfectly Posh and check out all they have! Everything under $25 and no matter the size of the order their shipping is always $5.99! Also if you decide to purchase any of these amazing products please please please make sure you choose ME as your consultant! (consultant ID 37372)

I know I know you all think I wrote this with the motive to get more business but I will be honest I did not join Perfectly Posh until after I tried all of these products until they were empty so I could decide if I truly liked them before I would endorse them!

Kisses Lacy