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Homemade Acne Fighting!!!!

Those little devils appear every time I do not need them too!!!

Acne is of course what I am referring to! Its like each time I have something coming up I am really thrilled about, and want to look my best, the day before BAM!!! They appear!!! And it never fails that I will be totally out of my fave mask to fight it too! So what to do? TO THE KITCHEN!!!!

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Drugstore Anti-Aging Routine

Not everyone has Gwyneth Paltrow's $21,000-a-month beauty budget (insert crying emoji here). But who needs it when the drugstore is bursting with sophisticated anti-aging treatments that can keep your skin looking just as fresh? The math is simple: $21,000 equals 840 (or more) bottles of the products on these pages. We'll raise a green juice to that.

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