A Vivid Start

So we have seen all the new styles of the Mermaid, Rainbow, and Unicorn hairstyles that people are sporting. Fantastic shades of red, green, blue, pink, purple and any other color you can think of! I myself have recently sported some princess pink and rose gold locks with a few hints of peach! 

Hair color, and style courtesy of Veronica Wirges of VStar Salon in Little Rock, Arkansas.

People the Vivid movement is in FULL SWING! 

Just recently Allure magazine put out an article about how Brunettes can get vivid hair colors without having to bleach! In the article published on January 16, 2018 written by Devon Abelman, it describes how this St Louis based stylist Caitlin Ford has developed a technique called "Velvet Vivids". The look featured is a Rainbow Ombre' hair color. But here is the thing it does involve lightening the hair. Not doing the full bleach job from root to tip, that I do agree is probably a relief if you are a brunette. The damage alone to bring hair up light enough for Vivid colors using bleach is rough, but these colors are a softer effect of Red, Green, Blue, Purple colors, for this Rainbow effect. Of course this is a technique that I can see from the images that you CANNOT do at home. Please! Please! Do not attempt to do this yourself. This is something that truly calls for the expert hand of a professional, and not to say that all Stylists are not professionals but some are definitely more skilled at this than others. I will admit in my years as a stylist if someone came to me and said, "Can you do this?" My response would be a resounding NO! Color was not my jam, sorry.

Image from Allure Magazine, Caitlin Ford

Image from Allure Magazine, Caitlin Ford

Now for my princess pinky peachy locks Veronica did a heavy highlight on me, and her technique involves using low volume developer! Most stylist have become accustomed to using 20 and up because of the hurry up get it done and move on mentality that has been instilled in the retail style salons. However her technique was fantastic! She made sure every step of the way that the protein in the hair was not completely destroyed either, which as we all know is what gives you those frizzy flyaway hairs and that straw like feeling. She has worked and developed her skill so that she has a great understanding of color theory in order to work with the natural pigments in my hair, because if you recall I said we did a heavy highlight not an all over bleach! YAS!!! My natural auburn color is in there too! Also with her use of low volume she was able to include a protein conditioning agent to help protect the hair as she worked, to prevent damaging!

Just recently Veronica worked on a friend of mine who has gone from silver, to purple and blues, to rainbow, to more iridescent color (all of which Veronica did and they were great!) and for her she did work an all over lightening, bringing the hair up to a higher blonde, also using a color remover to pull out the shades that were still in the hair from the past color sessions.  Now after she did the lightening of the roots, post color stripping, she uses a protein builder with her developer and lightener and the hair felt fantastic WITHOUT CONDITIONER! Seriously it felt soft and healthy very much like non-processed, natural hair. 

Hair color, and style and images courtesy of Veronica Wirges of VStar Salon in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Now here is the thing people, A LOT of people like to do their hair at home.  Now I am not going to totally bash this because I understand what it is like to be in a financial pinch and not be able to pay to get your hair done at a salon. I get that, really! However when I can't get my locks nipped and colored, I wait. Yes the new growth is showing and having roots are not fun, I get that. But for me it looks a lot better than doing something at home, processing the crap out of your hair, then very likely you end up with a result that has you donning a hat because you were not as well versed in color theory as a professional is.  No seriously it requires work and study to get that stuff right! It is not a watch a couple of YouTube videos and then wing it, it is study and work! Also some of the lines that you get over the counter are HELL for a professional to deal with when you finally go in to get your color done. Some of those just will not budge from the hair-shaft, not even with a jackhammer, much less bleach (no matter what volume developer you use). I have seen over the counter colors turn peoples hair the most vial shade of Swamp Water green/grey when a stylist went to lighten the hair and they were not told about the box color that has been put on the hair. Also some of the color lines that are available to achieve vivid looks that are over the counter are also some seriously hard to deal with colors. So trust me when I say that the corrective process you will have to pay for will cost WAY MORE than if you had just waited those couple of extra paychecks, stashed back your money, let those roots shine a little longer, and paid for the professional in the first place.

So let me just say if getting vivid shades in all the beautiful colors of the rainbow is your thing then GO FOR IT! With the help of a professional! Also please understand that there are some pretty strict rules you have to adhere too in order to maintain the color for as long as possible. What do I mean? Well people lets face it these colors will fade. It is just going to happen. But there are things you can do to slow that down. Number 1 Cold water hair washing. Yep sorry but that is a necessary evil, wash your hair with as cold water as you can stand, because warm and hot water just make your color run like it was in a marathon. Also if you do not have really oily hair then do not shampoo as much. But for people who like me have to shampoo daily or look like I have had a tub of lard dumped on my head, I get away with using dry shampoo for at least one day. So I am not washing everyday with traditional shampoo and water, but doing that every other day and the days between I spritz in my fave dry shampoo. Why only one day why not go as long as possible? Well the reason for that is because the ingredients in dry shampoo that make the hair look clean and wick away the excess oil can build up on your scalp and can cause itching, scratching and could lead to infections on your scalp (via the scratching). (Just keep your hands off OK?) Dry shampoos can build up and make your hair not look so great so please do not go a full week of not shampooing your hair, one or two days OK but more than three is really pushing it. 

Now that you know the best way to get vivid color and how to care for it, GO FORTH AND GET THEE TO A STYLIST! Get your vivid, on and take care of it! Challenge yourself to be as creative as possible, but without taking your stylist into an situation that could make them uncomfortable to do to your hair. (If they say you should not do something then listen) Work those vivid colors like you are working a runway and let people see the colorful and fun person you are!