9 Pixie Cuts that Tinkerbell would DIE for! START CLAPPING!!!

Hey, ladies, what do you say about an excellent short hair style? A new haircut can be a great idea if you want to make the perfect change!

Now growing up my mother used to inflict upon us a pixie cut, which may not have been so bad had she not PERMED IT!!! I mean super tight curl that did not look natural at all! Seriously we looked like Justin Timberlake when he had a perm! I do not care how handsome he was that hair was not cute!  Look below and..... Que the Gasp!!!!


The Golden Girls called and said they need their curlers back.

People Seriously not cute on a girl and not cute on a handsome young man!

OK moving on! Thank GOD we are no longer in a time where the Pixie Cut haunts me! So to make up for the emotional scaring that my mother did to me, I will now provide you with some amazingly cute pixies that are not permed, and could be rocked on young and old alike.

This does not mean I am going out and cutting all my hair off but I may start going a little shorter and possibly get a Pixie in due time.   


 1. Fashionable Pixie Hair

A great idea for fine hair women, this is great for business ladies if you do not have time to waste with long or medium hair. A little product and a round brush with your hairdryer and tada! Run your fingers through it to tousle it a bit for a little texture and you are ready to take over the world. One product that I love to add texture is Rusk Designer Collection Thick Body and texture amplifier spray is a light spray that offers fine/limp/lazy hair an incredible body, volume and texture.

Just a little FYI, in no way am I being paid to endorse any product that I recommend here. It would be nice, but I am not. These are just products that I have used and like, so that is I why I reccomend them.


2. Ice Blonde Pixie

Layered long pixie-cut looks so adorable for blonde ladies. I will be honest it does put me in mind of a little winter fairy!  With this style again just a little texture and use your fingers to arrange for definition. Bed Heads Small Talk is perfect for this. It does it all Thickifier - adds body and volume. Energizer - gives life to limp hair. Stylizer - defines, separates and controls. Adds shine and controls frizz. Thermal protectant. Light to medium hold and manageability. Well lets just face it that stuff kind of does it all, except do your dishes.

small talk.jpg

3. Balayage Hair Color Idea

Asymmetric long pixie cut, looks so stylish to try something unique, right? Layering in the different shades of blonde for this style gives it great depth and texture! You can even go with darker shades as sporadic low lights to really give it a pop! Even some deeper shades of red would work for this style.


4. Spiky Pixie Cut

A colorful, spiky fairy, looks stunning with a great make-up. I worked with a stylist that sported something similar but she colored her hair a fantastic red and you have no idea how many women wanted her hairstyle! Simply using a little gel while drying and hair spray after to achieve the lift and it is set for the day. Make sure you work your fingers through it to keep the hair separated so you don't look like your head could spear a fish. If you fear that could happen try  Living Proof In Shower Styler. An innovative styler that is applied in the shower and lightly rinsed, leaving behind only what you need to create beautiful air-dried styles. 


5. Rock inspired locks

These put me in mind of one bad ass chick that can slay on a guitar as well as on a runway! Going for longer in the top allows for more styling options and giving it a fantastic funky color really adds a wow factor. Here we have a vibrant red and blonde but I could totally see this with some vibrant shades of pinks, blues and even some succulent greens!


6. Straight Fine Hair

Is that the Queen you ask?!?!? Why yes it is! Hellen Mirren has gorgeous hair, but it is thin and fine! However she can rock a pixie like none other!!!  Her hair looks fantastic in a shorter style allowing her silvery fine locks to lift with ease.


7. A Perfect Style for Girls!

Pixie cuts are just for the old you say. No No No I say!! Look teens have enough to deal with on a daily basis and if they want to rock a pixie to make life easier I say GO FOR IT!!! It is also a great way for them to express their individual style. A lot of schools implement school uniforms so expressing their personal style through clothing is out for most of the week. However a rocking pixie with some vibrant color well that says more sometimes than an outfit ever could.

8. Casually Short and Simple

So if you are thinking OK I thought this was supposed to be an easy no fuss kind of style, and yet we are using texurizers, hairspray, gel, and everything but the kitchen sink! I hear you! There are some awesome casual pixies that look fantastic. Take for instance some of our beautiful brunettes like Anne Hathaway, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Natalie Portman. All of these ladies rocked simple casual pixies that were very easy no fuss looks and they looked fabulous!!!

9. Shaved Sides With a Longer Top

Now if you go for a look that is really daring but OH SO chic then you must be getting the sides shaved. Now I do not mean like smooth as a babies bottom shaved, I mean with a clipper. Kelly Osborne looked fantastic with this look and kept the top nice and long for a classic and stylish sweeping bangs. Miley as we all know rocked this leaving the top long and going for some full volume. Now you don't have to try to achieve these looks if you are not a super glam kinda girl. Allowing it to lay over the shaved sides with some texture and a little scrunched volume well that is total bad-ass too! 


So there you have it!!!

Some amazing short and sexy styles that are fantastic for any head!!! So go forth Get Thee To Your Stylist and make sure you taketh a picture of whateth you want!!!! Believe me they help stylists know what you are asking for than just trying to describe it. Then go out and Slayeth the world!!!! 

What I was having a little word fun!

Kisses, Lacy