Finding my family roots through

Finding my family roots through

Genealogy is one of those "-ologies" that I find super interesting, but not so much so that I want to get a degree in it. Now going through to find my family origins is making me feel like I am an expert in the field! Do not call me to do your family tree though!

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Dirty Pour The Newest Craze..... all winners?

Dirty Pour or fluid painting...

Has recently become a big thing. Now keep in mind I have a degree in Graphic Design so I had to train in all different mediums of art, drawing, print, photography, digital, sculpture, pottery, and yes painting. So when I had a relative tell me about a girls night she had and they did dirty pour paintings, I thought what the heck is that? She showed me the pics and described what they did and I told her that would be called fluid painting. She said OH I didn't know it had an official name. 

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FIRST THINGS FIRST!!! I am not a "roughing it" kind of girl! I am more of a hotel kind of girl! Roughing it for me is staying at a Motel 6! I like staying at 4 Star hotels for the 2 star price. (can you hear the ad or what! Or, or Let me tell you I can shop and get a good deal and keep all the luxury!!! Most of the time I get a suite in a nice hotel for the same price I can get a basic room at a Cheap Motel! So when I somehow was convinced to go CAMPING with my Brother I was excited and a little scared at the same time!

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Bullying.... A Schools Failure!

This is a very serious topic!

BULLYING!!! Yep! I know it has been in the news a lot lately, especially because of the violent incidents that have happened at our nations schools, and even churches. With as much as we have seen, and been outraged by these things you would think that it would begin stemming the tide of all the hate.

Well obviously not. 

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It doesn't Pay but I Am Not Crazy Here

What is more important your life or money!

So I have a part time job that I work Monday thru Friday 8-2 and the pay is okay. I definitely could not survive on it if it were not for the help of family. Now most people would say well you need to get a better job where you earn more and you can be independent.

Now I usually would agree!

But here is the thing..... I have had better positions with better pay and hours and lived independently, but they drove me crazy!!!!!

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My 7 Places I Must See Before I Die!

Ever have a place or places you MUST SEE before you die?

Well I am sure we all do! I have been thinking a lot about travel lately mostly because if I were wanting to travel right now it just could not happen. Isn't that just the way of it you always want what you can't have?

So to ease my need to travel I thought how about make me a list of places I really really want to see! 

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