It doesn't Pay but I Am Not Crazy Here

What is more important your life or money!

So I have a part time job that I work Monday thru Friday 8-2 and the pay is okay. I definitely could not survive on it if it were not for the help of family. Now most people would say well you need to get a better job where you earn more and you can be independent.

Now I usually would agree!

But here is the thing..... I have had better positions with better pay and hours and lived independently, but they drove me crazy!!!!!

I mean between the stress, the aggravation, the anger, and then there was the nail in the coffin for me....... The Bullying!!!!


YOU HEARD ME BULLYING! In a professional office? Yep!!!

All of these things together led me to depression, suicidal thoughts, high blood-pressure, border line type 2 diabetes, weight gain, neck and back pain and all of this was just the tip of the health problems ice berg. This all from a path I chose to make a career out of. 

So lemme give you a break down of how this happened and how I got out!

 It is sad that this happened in one place after the other. I would have a new position at a new office, and think FINALLY, a fresh start with people who are true professionals and would not dare resort to the behavior that I dealt with in my last position. Then be proven sadly wrong! 

To start with the first three places I worked at were for staffing agencies (these were the WORST OF ALL)!!!

The first agency I worked for the owner was fantastic she was never the problem! For 2 years I worked alone (and I mean alone) in the location I was at. Now this was a fast paced position that kept me on my toes and had some OMG moments, but I was happy! I was so good that it came to a point that I needed help. I asked for a receptionist/administrative assistant. Someone who could share some of the office responsibilities while I focused on sales and recruiting. What I got was a part time receptionist and a part time sales rep. The sales rep was an old friend of the owner and has been in sales in the staffing industry for years! She was good!!! I mean she could sell ice to an Eskimo! She teamed up with the receptionist to make a plan to get rid of me because they wanted to be full time and with me there the owner was not going to do that.  I only found this out after I left, from others that went to work there with them, and were told, by them, what they did to get rid of me. Their bragging resulted in those people leaving too because who would want to work with someone who brags how they sabotaged another persons career? The two days that ultimately decided my leaving were as follows. (Now this is a little long and in detail but I feel it really needs to be told because I want to be certain that should this ever happen to someone they hopefully can recognize it before what happened to me happens to them.)

I was working on a recruiting project to get a lot of people for a client that had a factory. The only info I was provided was the length of the shift and what skills they had to have, and how many people. I called all my available people and new applicants, did any interviews needed, and had a list of people to fill all the position plus several extras in case anyone fell thru. We had a meeting with the owner about this and in this meeting the sales rep drops the bomb of well what shift did they they want to work, day or night? HUH???????? My response was honesty.... I was not provided with that detail, but I can call them all back, find out, and get any alternatives in place for those that can't do it. Her response was a lie.... Well I gave you that information. Me: No I have the email you sent me printed here, and it has nothing of the sort. Her: (lie) I told you verbally. Me: I do not recall that, but never the less I can get this straightened out by the end of the day. Owner: OK Great! Her: (needing to have the last word and feel she had to put me in my place) Well I do not believe you called all of those people. I think you just put together a list for show. Me: Well if you would like to check that I contacted them all, you are welcome to call them back about the shift preference instead of me calling. ( you can prove me right, and you an ass) Owner: No, Lacy, you should call them as they are used to speaking with you and you are the recruiter so I know you can have that for me by the end of the day. Me: OK! Her: Speaking of you recruiting I just don't think you are really cut out for that. Perhaps we should think of something else for you to do. Me: I'm sorry I do not understand what you mean. I have built this business up alone over the last two years as the only person here doing everything that it now takes the three of us to do. (directed to owner) Do you share this feeling? Have I been failing you that you have not spoken to me about? Owner: Well she says that she sees some issues, but I have not had any problems so lets just get this done and move on. (mental note: Ill talk to sales rep tomorrow, not in front of the owner about her calling me a liar and this whole attack on my skills as a recruiter. I did not want to cause an embarrassing fight at all and she seems to be aggravated so any more discussion of this will only lead to that. Trying to be the bigger person here.)

Next day I try to discuss with her what happened in the meeting particularly the part about calling me a liar and according to her saying you do not believe someone is NOT calling them a liar. (Really? WOW did not know that!) So I decide I was not going to get anywhere with her and decide to just end the conversation and tell her that if that was not her intention then fine but I wanted to let her how it appeared.  Her: OK you know what, it is obvious you came in with the wrong attitude, and intending to pick a fight and I am just not going to have that! You need to turn off your computer get your things and go home, and think about your attitude and come back to work tomorrow with a better mindset! (again HUH?!?!?!?!) I let her know that was not my intention but wanted to make sure we were on the same page as coworkers. Her: (now she starts getting loud) NO! You need to do what I said! Do you think you are over me? I assure you that is not the case! YOU REPORT TO ME! I am this offices manager and you work for me! So you get your things and go home and we will talk about this to the owner tomorrow! Me:(again another HUH!?!?!?!? moment) OK you know what just forget the whole thing and I am going to get back to work.

At this point her bullying and intimidation becomes extremely obvious! She walks around behind my desk, reaches over me and turns off my computer right in the middle of what I am doing. Stands over me and says I need to leave. (Let me just go ahead and say that I am not a physical person but when you get all up in my personal space, trying to physically intimidate me, I get a really defensive!) So I look at her and tell her she needs to back away from me right that second! (in the calmest and quietest tone possible) She responds very loudly "I will not, not until you get your things and get out!" I have to take a breath because one more outburst like that from her, with her standing over me, and I was going to throat punch her so hard her ancestors and decedents were going to feel it! I tell her to back up again so I can get my things because I could not move with her over me! She takes a few steps back and I turn and get my things. As soon as I step out of the door I call the owner and tell her what happened, and she says well if she said she wasn't calling you a liar then I believe her. My thoughts at this point are only on her physically getting all up in my grill and all she has to say is that, and was defending her????? I told her that I would be back later that afternoon after the sales rep was out on her visits to businesses and I will be collecting all of my things. (I provided that office with personal artwork or else the walls would have been bare and a wireless router because she was frugal and I was not using mine.) She tried to smooth things over and I said fine but I would be back later that day to collect my (personal) laptop and I can finish working from home. She did not say anything about it and just says we will have a nice quite talk tomorrow and get this all ironed out. That afternoon I go back to get my things and the receptionist is there, she asks me where I have been and I said "Oh I just needed a little personal time that morning but I was back to get my laptop and was going to be gone again for the rest of the day." She tells me a customer called and needed my help so I said OK I will call them and then go. All the while she was texting the sales rep, under her desk, out of sight, that I was back and she needed to get back to the office pronto! I called the customer and they said that it was not urgent and they told the receptionist that I could have called them tomorrow. (My brain going then why did she tell me to call now? Then the sale rep storms in and I realize, that was why.) She proceeds to put on this super sweet attitude and says "I thought we agreed you were going to take the rest of the day?" I tell here that I had spoken to the owner and informed them that I would be back later to get my laptop to finish work from home and she did not have a problem or say that was a problem. Her: Well she did not tell me that when I spoke to her earlier (of course you did). Then why were you on the phone? Me: Because a customer called and needed to speak with me while I was gone, according to receptionist, and I returned their call before I headed back out. Her: Well I don't believe that but now that you are no longer on the company phone then you can go. (Again with the "I do not believe you!" SERIOUSLY!?!?!? Does she have no clue what that phrase means?) Me: Well whether you think I am lying or not you can ask the customer yourself, here is who the business is, and it was the owner! (hand her the note receptionist gave me) Now if you will excuse me I am leaving. Her: Have no doubt I will call them and I will also speak to owner about this too.

I walked out the door saying nothing because I was PISSED.

Next day I go back with my mother (she has legal experience) The owner is the only one there and asks that my mother leaves, Mom (acting as legal rep here) says no she will not because the last conversation that occurred with no witnesses had physical intimidation occur and verbal abuse and that she would be there as a witness to protect both of us. The owner, realizing she was out of her depth, then tells me the entirely screwed up version that her friend gave her. I simply say that is not true, then I tell her the truth. The owner says, "Well she is very passionate about her work and only wants people who are just as passionate as she is, and you are a very low key and laid back type of person who I have never had an issue with but maybe it is best we see if we can find you something else. She has never given me reason to not believe her and I have no reason to not believe you either but I have no way of proving what is the truth except what was said when the receptionist was here and she said you had a very nasty attitude and that came in snatching and grabbing things." (I see now that I should have had cameras installed in that office for my protection not just from when I was working alone but from my future coworkers.) Mother stops her there and says how is it that she thought it was best to let me go and keep a person who has verbally abused me and physically intimidated me, was obviously lying because she had no proof of this claimed behavior either except a completely biased receptionist. Her reasoning is that sales rep has been with her longer and had an excellent record of making wildly successful offices, and she intended for us to work together but obviously it was not possible, and for her the best solution was to have sales rep take over and continue moving the business forward and a faster pace. To me all this said was I am going to side with my bestie because I have to see her more often and I don't want to cause an awkward situation in my personal life rather than be a business owner and do the right thing and I want more money! BTW Receptionist took my place but only lasted a month because she could not handle the stress of what I did and Sales rep realized she did not have the skills for the position either and then pulled the same thing on her too.


Now for  the rest of what I went through to get me to the place I am now.

I went to work at two other staffing agencies after this. The first had nothing but women in the office and was a part of a huge corporation (not a franchise like the first and last one) The office manager belittled me in front of everyone when I asked to speak to her about a doctors appointment. She said email her and started walking away, and I asked her again if I could speak to her because I did not feel comfortable putting it in an email. She kept walking, and yelled back "Still Talking!!!! Email it!!!!" Then made the hand motion of talking! In front of the entire office!!! Also other coworkers messaged each other calling me names, thinking I did not see this on their screens when I had to go to their desks to get employee time cards or verify information as I was processing payroll for that branch on top of recruiting. They openly said how the manager embarrassed me and how funny it was. Then would keep time cards from me, take my work off the printer and shred it if I did not get there first, and I again was yelled at and intimidated and in one case cursed out with an entire office of witnesses and the HR did NOTHING when I reported it! I was under a three month contract and when it came time to renew, join permanently, or leave I chose leave!

Then the last one was the sneakiest one of all! The owner was fantastic again but was always out doing sales calls and he was oblivious as to how conniving his other recruiter was. She started out OK to me and then started throwing me under the bus in meetings that I am not logging certain things correctly, then when I did what she said do I was doing it too much. The owner just said we will work on it. He looked at what I was doing and said it was OK just ignore her. We kept growing quickly and then the owner got another sales rep to help him, and a part time sales rep to do more of telemarketing. The first sales rep was a female and was so hyper I swear she was on something! People who knew her personally said she did Meth. But her drug screen was clean so no way to prove it. The part time rep was the nicest gay man! He adored me, and I him! He told me the truth as to what was going on behind my back, and I spoke with the owner and he said he never saw or heard any of it. (Well of course not because you can fire them for that duh!) Then he went to the owner about it, and that he was witness to it. The owner said he would try to do something about it. Month and some change goes by and nothing changes. They just got more sneaky but not in front of the part time rep because they believed he was in their clique! He never made comments that were bad about me but just listened and even recorded it on his phone sometimes to prove to the owner what they did. Nothing ever changed he kept them, gave them a "talking too", but there were no results. My work environment was still miserable. I decided I could not stay and had to go. I was done with being miserable where I was working!


Still Talking!!!

Email it!!!!

After all of that I helped out a smaller business that was not a staffing agency, because I had a friend who was their accountant and she said they needed my HR experience. Fat pay and a totally laid back work environment. The one thing I should have picked up on was their describing the owner as eccentric. Code for CRAZY!!! This business is the one I went to work for and after a month my Father died and I asked for a few days off so that I could help with arrangements and be with my family. The owner and his wife (mother to my friends spouse.) (By the way people it is not ever a good idea to work for family or for a company where the owner is dating your parent and you will see why in a moment) they had my friends spouse text me that if I could not be there then I did not need to worry about coming back. My friend had no idea this happened until I came to collect my pay check and give them their key! She was not happy but did not have the spine to stand up to them because she knows it was wrong. Well 6 months later the owner has a heart attack, leaves his wife and goes back to his ex-wife, Fires them all. They bankrupted the business and destroyed the office locking every computer so that they could not get into anything to recover company records that were not printed out and most of those had been burned.

Finally I came to work where I am now! It is only part time like 30 or so hours a week and I am left alone to do my work. No drama! Just down right good work environment. That is not to say that every day is a cake walk. Inventory time is a bit stressful because it is at the end of every month and we have a time line, on top of our regular work. Trust me inventory is BIG! It is a lot!!! But we pull together as a team and get the work done! Trusting that each person is going to do their part and because we know that we are trusting in the other person we get it done because we don't want to let the other down. We actually support each other!!! I can feel comfortable to talk to them about my family. Something I never wanted to do at the other places. So even thought the pay is not as great and it is not full time I still get to leave work without thinking about work for the remainder of the day. No one is calling me or emailing me while I am off work if I am sick. We all pitch in! FINALLY I GET TO WORK WITH ADULTS!!!! So please if you have to sacrifice money for health and happiness you may just find it is the best decision ever!!!!