Dirty Pour The Newest Craze..... all winners?

Dirty Pour or fluid painting...

Has recently become a big thing. Now keep in mind I have a degree in Graphic Design so I had to train in all different mediums of art, drawing, print, photography, digital, sculpture, pottery, and yes painting. So when I had a relative tell me about a girls night she had and they did dirty pour paintings, I thought what the heck is that? She showed me the pics and described what they did and I told her that would be called fluid painting. She said OH I didn't know it had an official name. 

After telling her about it and how we studied it in my painting class in collage I got to thinking oh great this is now going to become a craze and everyone is going to be doing it. Then I got to thinking about it more and realized that even though we studied it and discussed it, we never actually did it. My instructor did not want to do it in the studio because we did not have enough room and flat surfaces for them to lay out and dry. We had plenty of easels but not a lot of tables and counters. To be expected in a university painting studio. So I turned to a friend and she had tried it one time and showed me what she did but it did not do the cells or lacing like other things she saw. I really do not feel like explaining how to get those and the technicalities just because I would get way off track.   So we busted out some small canvases like 8x10 sized and tried it out. 


Allow me to just say we are now totally obsessed. Not a lot of people in our area (artists) are doing this so we are giving it a shot! There are some local vendor shows that we are going to take our work to in the next couple of months and see how they sell. She is all about showing people she knows and has had some family commission some work from her and even her boss. Good on her! Now my life is not as socially diverse as hers is. So I am saving all my stuff for the vendor show. Fingers crossed I hope it does well. We even have some rather large ones that we are hoping to sell too. 

Best part about it? If we have something come out that we hate......We can REDO IT!!! Just cover it up!!! Oh yeah!!! 

FYI there is a blow-torch involved! Let me just say that is a safety hazard if you do not know how to use them.... And If I Am Involved. Also getting some of the things to happen that you are expecting to happen, when you want them to, does not always come out. Basically what I am saying is that you think you are going for a particular image and you end up with something totally different. Does not always mean that it is wrong or ugly, I have found that some of my mistakes have been the best images! I have found it does require thinking on your feet and working quickly so it is definitely an active art form. 

So the pros and cons. 

Pros: It is totally fun! Absolutely creative! Does not take a whole lot of time to create one painting! The images are absolutely cool! and many many more pros.

Cons: MESSEY! Uses a lot of paint and materials. If you are limited on space to place the images to drip and dry you can only do so much. The images can change as they sit so you may love it at first and hate it by the time it dries. 

However cons aside I am going to share some of the work we have accomplished! I may also be adding some of mine to the page available for sale, depending on how costly shipping could end up being. I do have to check into that. Now all that are posted in this post is not necessarily for sale. But if you see something and just love it and do not care about shipping costs feel free to ask if it is available and I will let you know.