Finding my family roots through

Genealogy is one of those "-ologies" that I find super interesting, but not so much so that I want to get a degree in it. Now going through to find my family origins is making me feel like I am an expert in the field! Do not call me to do your family tree though! As much as I am loving it I am also aggravated too, not by the website just by the lack of information we have here in the US and the destruction of it, during past wars. Well and some things on the site. Like people putting the same people in 20 different ways on different trees that are public and I have to pick through them to figure out who are the repeats and who actually have valuable information and are the same person. People get your facts straight, and that is where the lack of information comes in.



So here is what I have been discovering. Now my family has had a long oral history of a couple of female ancestors that were reported to be Native American. So via the Ancestry website it shows they are not. Now keep in mind race may have been fibbed about on Federal Census because at the time of these individuals life they would have been in danger by admitting their true heritage. Now that is something that I am going to have to go to actual public records and so on to discover the truth of. I also found fortunately one person who carefully and meticulously put together his family tree on and part of his ancestry links into mine! YAY!!! Thanks to his care I was able to trace back my Grandfathers name (This is my mom's dad, I only know my mothers family, single mom and all.) to Scotland and then into Sussex and Surrey, England. Very exciting! Reason being is because we were told that the ancestors were Irish and we found them to be Scottish! Two different islands people, again get your facts straight!!! Well anyway this has been quite an adventure and I am still discovering very cool information. 

Case in point, one of my relatives was quite famous for his flatboat fleet. Essentially these flatboats were log rafts but evidently VERY large ones because they would load them up with items for trade that were very highly needed by people in the frontier, things like salt and nails. So they would be fully loaded with all of these items and they would go down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers from Virginia all the way to New Orleans and sell these items and barter for other things like meat, fur, whiskey (now I know where I get that from). Then when they got to New Orleans they would sell the boats for firewood, buy horses ride back home with the bartered goods, potentially selling these items to towns along the way, then when they got back home start stocking up again for the spring and summer months when the rivers thawed to do it all over!!! Very brave I must say. Look if you have never traveled on a river as big as the Mississippi in a boat you just do not know. We have gone boating out there and that current is a force to be reckoned with! Well anyway this business ended with the invention of them steamboats around 1800 and this ancestor and his family, save for his oldest son who moved to Louisiana and who I am a direct descendant from, moved to Indiana where he was active in framing the Constitution and the Organization of the government of that State in 1816. He also served as the Judge of Fayette County Circuit Court. 


Isn't finding out your family history super fun!!! Not only was this individual super interesting to find out about, but there were so many others that were some really stand out people! Now granted there were some that did not have as remarkable lives as those individuals but hey we all can't be overachievers. But hey I have quite a few that fought in the American Revolution, and others that were in the Civil War! People just doing their civic duty and serving their country and making history at the same time by just being them! Makes you want to get up and go do something..... just as soon as I finish this blog. :D