How is the view from up there?

Ever have one of those friends that you just love with everything you have, yet at the same time you wonder how the view is from up their on their Moral High Horse? You know one of those people that has actually over degreed themselves. Some one that you can’t just have a casual conversation with because it all turns into how they hate this for this reason, and that for that reason. That practically anything popular or mainstream is just SOOOOOOO annoying to them.

I have one.

Almost every conversation is like a knife fight. I choose carefully sometimes what I want to talk to her about. If I mention the weather that turns into how she hates the south because its so humid and hot, and that does not help at all with her having MS (which is true, but there are a lot of people with MS that live in the southern US that are managing just fine. Its not like we purposely chose to be closer to the equator which causes the warmer weather), then that leads to how everyone here is uneducated and can’t drive and are insensitive assholes. Yet she was grew up here in the south. So my thought on that is doesn’t that whole uneducated and insensitive stuff apply to her as well?

Also she hates Disney. I mean like not just the theme park but all of it, Mickey, Snow White, the whole bit. Her reasons are as follows, firstly the stuff that is based in the classic fairy tales are bastardized versions of the fairy tales. (Well duh, the originals were pretty harsh and kids today would get freaked out by the original Grimm Brothers Stories. Those guys were scary! ) On top of that Walt Disney was a jerk and used his movies to spread his, and I quote, “…Bullshit, white, Christian, misogynistic crap.” My thought towards this, ummmmmmm yet you still watch Disney stuff after it comes out on digital. You just don’t want to go to the theater because you are afraid someone will see you going into a Disney movie after you have talked so much crap about it and discover how hypocritical you really are.

The devil himself according to her.

The devil himself according to her.

Christianity. Oh those people are horrible. They are just the worst spreading and forcing their religion on people and how in the past they killed people who would not convert. Then there is also the fact that for the longest time she believed in God but did not at the same time. (My brain literally just said “HUH?”) Yep. I think what she was trying to say was that she was agnostic. You know believing that there is a higher power but not wanting to say it is the Christian God or any other religions version of God. Here is the actual dictionary definition of it. a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God. However just the other day you were wearing your stone cross asking God to keep your 16 year old puppy safe while we traveled somewhere. REPEATEDLY.

Just a little side note. She knows I have faith in God! I may not be “Sister Christian” or Mother Teresa but she knows that I have believed and firmly believe in God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit! I grew up going to a tiny church and personally I have no problem with different denominations. You know the old saying, different folks, different strokes. I have attended Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic, Non Denominational, Mormon, Methodist and other denominations churches and found basically the same faith, but just different methods. Basically.

Then there is anything that is popular or mainstream. One recently I can recall was about the singer Lizzo and her music. (Who I love BTW!) My friend however just does not like her. She could not say why, or even say she has ever heard her songs (but with Lizzos music all over the TV, in I don’t know how many different commercials, I know she has heard her stuff. And when those commercials played she did not run from the room with her ears bleeding so she must not have hated it that much.) She simply said, “I just don’t like her stuff, and do not even try to play something by Lizzo either.” You know in an attempt to get her to like her music. With that kind of reasoning, I am surprised she even eats fruits and vegetables because most children have the same mentality about fresh foods. (Rolling on the floor kicking and screaming, “I don’t like vegetables and don’t even try to make me eat them because I won’t! Whaaaaaa.”)

Then there is just America on the whole………. OMG!!!! Do not get me wrong I have a deep dislike for a lot of political figures that really do not get much done, and are not willing to stick their necks out for their voters, and tend to blow like a sheet in the wind, flying whatever direction the path of least resistance is, and they say and do whatever keeps them in office. Then there is the Cheeto that somehow got put in as President. Lord Help Me on that one. I normally do not express my political views because it is rather a hot button topic for people and I personally do not want to argue that. I do however tell those that bitch about the system that we are founded on (like she does), and bitch about the politicians (like she does), and bitch how it is all corrupt (like she does) that the only way to make sure your voice is heard and to try to make any change is to VOTE!!! If you do not like what you see cast your vote to make sure you let your voice be heard. However she will not do that because the other guy who is the corrupt one with more money is going to get it anyway because they will have paid off someone to fix it, or that they (political figures) are all corrupt so she just does not vote because they all suck.

Here is where I have to make my voice clear on her argument and this is one thing she has learned not to discount or argue about, when it comes to me. Firstly on the matter of them all being corrupt I ask, “Have you bothered to look into what they support, or research how they have voted on issues and laws in the past? It is a matter of public record so it can be found you just have to look. No? Well you obviously did not bother to see what candidates actually stand for the same issues as you do then, and then because you did not educate yourself on that, in turn you did not support the candidate that best represents your beliefs, and then that results in the other guy who you do not like, winning. OK so you want to complain about the other guy winning, well don’t because there were more votes for them, and now they influence our government. And do you want to know why he won? Because you and others like you who did not bother to go and vote, because your warped sense of righteousness said my way of voting is to not vote. (So you think that is your way to protest? UM NO it does not work like that.) The one that you liked and who stood for the same issues as you did had a whole bunch of people that felt the same way about not voting and because it was too much like right to get off that Moral High Horse and come down here where the peasants are to vote, your guy did not win. IDIOT!

Then there is me, I have just as much education as her. However I love me some popular music, and Disney, and have never said I do not believe in God. (again I am not the best example of a solid faithful Christian life but you will never make me say I do not believe in God The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit) She hates pink, I love it. It happens to be my favorite color. She does not like jewelry and girly things and I love them! I believe in my right to vote and have a voice! We could not be more opposite but yet when we met almost 15 or so years ago we bonded and became friends.Granted that was an interesting story in how that happened but I will save that for another post because I swear only the weird crazy crap happens to me! I love her dearly and would do anything for her if she asked me, providing it does not land me in jail, OK some of the things I would do probably would land me in jail so just let me say as long as I do not get caught. It aggravates the crap out of me at how hypocritical she is, but you know what I am too! There are things I do and say that aggravate the crap out of someone. Maybe even you! I have my faults that I know she finds annoying but she loves me anyway too! Accepting me for my faults is the reason we stay friends, because even though we disagree on SO MUCH, she never tries to change my mind or forces me to see things the way she does, and I never try to force her to see things how I do. We respect each other for our differences and THAT people is what makes true friendship.

In case you wondered everything I have written here I have said to her face so none of this is news to her. It is not like any of this is breaking news for her and she understands it and respects that. Also all the things she finds at fault in me she tells me to my face and I respect that. I try to work on any problems if they are something I can change, but the things I have a core belief in, that she knows I won’t bend on, she tells me her views but agrees to respect mine as I respect hers. Yet at the same time I still wonder how that view is from that Moral High Horse she sits on.