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How is the view from up there?

Ever have one of those friends that you just love with everything you have, yet at the same time you wonder how the view is from up their on their Moral High Horse? You know one of those people that has actually over degreed themselves. Some one that you can’t just have a casual conversation with because it all turns into how they hate this for this reason, and that for that reason. That practically anything popular or mainstream is just SOOOOOOO annoying to them.

I have one.

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Starting over again!

Starting over again! Those words have been uttered by me so many times. I mean seriously, how many times do we have to start over, and then start over again! It is one thing when you are working on a art project and have to start over or even working on a post, report, whatever. But when it is your life?!?!?!?

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